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WORK PLAN 2012 -2020



ARTICLE             1. Work and Social Productivity.
                             2. Hidden Economy and Fraud.
                             3. Financial and economic recovery

As we all know the terrible financial crisis has brought the country to it's knees, resulting in social exclusion for a greater part of the population who have to resort to charity food halls and the crumbs from someone else´s table. What article of equality of rights explains such inequality?

Those dictatorial routes we got rid of, exposing all the social conquests of knowledge and equality of opportunities, we cannot allow any regression of what we have achieved. We find ourselves lost without a compass in a mire of  passiveness and the resignation of the new generation, I believe that we should value their knowledge and open new routes that don´t have limits and which take us back to the old days. I don´t want to have to admit to the exiling of such knowledge and life ambitions. A country capable of creating future generations that are the most well educated in our history, I cannot give up on the people our system produced. From my position as a citizen I assume my share of the guilt, including not assuming responsibility, until now, but I demand of those who asked for trust to carry out, administrate and manage the direction of our resources to explain where the "sacrificial lambs" will go; and from the political, economic and social bodies that they will adopt urgent measures to alleviate the suffering in society. This is a commitment wanted by the citizens. From my limited knowledge I am contributing my plan as a basis for "The New Social Model".

I am the result of 1x1, but what will be the result of 1x1+1+1+1+11111

Article 1: Work and Social Productivity

1.     The Working Plan will change the unemployed to employed, reduce fiscal fraud, the hidden economy, improve productivity and economic growth.
2.     The unemployed will be a part of the Work Plan. Four and half million unemployed will integrate with the working population, increasing the number of National Insurance contributors to twenty two million.
3.     The Unemployment offices will be true unemployment offices, which together with the Department of Work, the National Insurance office and Inland Revenue will guarantee control of The Plan acting forcefully against irregularities or abuse that could arise from it.
4.     Redistribution of the unemployed. Companies will increase their workforce by a minimum of 10%, this will assist in the creation of new businesses, co-operatives, entrepreneurs and self employed. The remainder shall be placed in Public entities which should help improve their service, management, so called green employment and others. To have movement in the job market will improve, widen the versatility and professional training of the work force and the promotion of these objectives. The placements shall be according to profession wherever possible, but this will not be a reason for rejecting work.
5.     If after one year Companies who have made redundancies in the past and have not replaced the same number of workers during the year, shall not have recourse to this Plan.
6.     All these measures will have an effect on the remainder of the unemployed and will produce an important reduction of the same. The rest will be be on an employment rota basis which will be reviewed every 3 months.

Article 2 Hidden Economy and Fraud.

1.     The obligation to issue invoices with V.A.T. by companies, professionals and the self employed together with the control of the Plan will reduce fraudulent jobs, which together with a fiscal and workforce control would see the emergence of at least 10% of the hidden economy.
2.     When foreign workers are necessary, they should have a contract of employment from their country of origin, this will eliminate speculation and exploitation.
3.     As members of the monetary union, the competent European authorities should adopt measures to improve confidence and to be the ultimate guarantee of payment by investors of any country within the E.U. that all the members which finance it pay a similar interest and are not dependant on the word of only one person.
4.     To prevent hidden and fraudulent monies an "exceptional" formula should be devised ensuring that all monies pass through the "till" and fiscal payment made. I propose a formula: change the colour, the codes and the number of 500 and 200 Euro notes, giving six months for their exchange.

Article 3: Financial and Economic Recovery

1.     The project will cost 58,000 million Euros annually, with a salary of 1,000 Euros monthly and 1,200 Euros for a family where only one family member works, or according to the agreement within the sector if it's less, allowing for a Company to offer an incentive that equals the salary according to the professional group. No Home workers? The project allows for a complimentary payment for university teachers, doctors and scientists that take up the offer.
2.     It will be financed by the Government, Companies and workers, at zero cost to the state coffers, given that cost, the actual productivity will be contributed to by everyone in society.
3.     The cost of unemployment is 30,000 million Euros annually, this money should be injected into productivity, giving a positive reason to the right to work.
4.     The Governments contribution shall be 30,000 million Euros for unemployment, reducing this from the 3rd year to 100 Euros annually.
5.     The Companies contribution shall be the payment of National Insurance Contributions, reducing these by 20%, and for those earning 50,000 Euros or more annually by 10%.
6.     The workers contribution shall be a percentage of their salaries for those earning between 20,000 and 40,000 Euros and 5%% between 40,000 and 70,000 and 10%% for those who earn more than 70,000 Euros annually20%.
7.     All of these workers will be paid by the Work Plan, which will also pay the National Insurance contribution reduced by 50% for those who work in the public sector.
8.     From the 3rd year the subsidies of Companies, co-operatives, entrepreneurs and self employed shall be reduced by one hundred Euros per year for those that have taken part.
9.     A bank account should be opened specifically for the Work Plan where the following resources should be paid in:

The Governments contribution .......................30,000,000,000 Euros
          The contribution of the unemployed workers ....7.600.000.000  "
          The % and % contribution of the workers  ......  "                  
         The 20% contribution of the Royal family .................1.680.000  "                                                                             
         The 20% contribution of the Church  .................  "                              
         The 20% of subsidies by political parties ............... 23.000.000  "                         
The 20 % of subsidies by Business syndicates
and Associations ..................................................40.000.000  "                                                                  
The 10% of any public entity, federations and
Associations except those of social or
Humanitarian character .........................................60.000.000   "
Abolish councils, reduction of positions
of responsibility, consultants and positions
of assignment ................................................12.500.000.000  "
12% of the fraud and hidden economy..........  "                                    
Tax on large companies, societies and
fortunes ........................................................   "                                                                                                           

Total ......................................................119.224.680.000 Euros

Cost of the Plan ...................................... Euros

Liquidity ..................................................61.224.680.000 Euros

10.   To support the cost of the project 50% of the remainder of the income shall be destined to reduce the debt and the other 50% to finance investigation, innovation and technology projects and to develop sustainability.
11.  Everything that is considered a luxury shall have a tax increase of 10%, an equitable V.A.T. rate could be 5% for the lower rate including all cultural and educational material, 10% for the reduced rate, 18% as a general rate and 23% for luxury items.
12.  The cost, taxes and V.A.T on the assets of companies, shareholders and large fortunes which have no relevance to the activity to which they are associated, shall not be included nor deducted from the accounts of the said entity.
13.  40% of the profits of companies, societies etc shall be destined to strengthen their economies and competitiveness including the reorganization of their accounts. This also includes the banks, who should facilitate loans to small businesses and the self employed that they don´t find themselves in this serious situation and governed by a State public bank.
14.  During the first 3 years prices, salaries and pensions should be frozen, except the salaries and pensions of less than 1000 Euros monthly, these should be increased by 1% annually.
15.  After 3 years the evolution and flexibility of the economy should be studied.
16.  The competent authorities will control the prices of  foods considered of prime necessity and specifically the prices of dwellings from the level that should be established.
17.  During the first three years the banks will grant to those mortagees who are able show they are not able to repay their loans, a reduction of upto 50% extending the repayment period.
18.  The maximum salary of a public employee shall be earned by the President of the Government and shall limit certain expenses for councilors and directors of companies and public entities.

19.     In respect of the Civil Service where public money is being used and that requires qualified people, the salaries should not be more than double that of the President of the Government.. The indemnities shall be the same as for any other worker.
20.     Positions in Councils shall be abolished, positions of assignment, consultants, advisors and high ranking positions in all public entities and administrations shall be reduced by 50% whether political or not.
21.     Official vehicles shall be used specifically for public duty
22.     Restructuring the State. In respect of the autonomous regions of the State, the abolition of the Senate and council delegations should be studied, agencies and other entities of any public administration shall be limited, a period should be allowed for the merging of municipalities according to the local citizens agreement, a limitation on terms of office, the incompatability of positions held, definition of the abilities of each administration to avoid duplicity.
23.     Lines of communications shall be open at all times to collect information from the general public, extend places of participation so that it is not limited to a vote every four years. That way the popular vote will be carried.


The only answer our leaders have for the crisis, is based on cuts and only cuts, without explaining the outcomes, I dare to put forward a different way, I believe in social justice where everyone in society participates and compromises.

After 47 years working, being denied equality of opportunities, enveloped in penury, rights and liberties vetoed, I am taking part in political transition to improve the quality of life, the rights and equality of opportunities for future generations, Reaching the end of my professional life, this insatiable crisis demands extra sacrifice if I want to enjoy anything, which I neither deserve nor warrant. I offer what strength I have left to maintain only the social achievements and equality of opportunities I have already earned. From the beginning I talked to all those who share my feelings about things I have set out and they agreed that we are all affected. I appeal to the conscience of all of those who believe they are outside the crisis because tomorrow they may be part of it, to the students to use their knowledge to improve their own environment not some distant environment, and to our politicians immersed and involved with their disputed parties and who are courageous enough with their promises in their electoral campaigns to stand up and accomplish them. Given the situation we find ourselves in we should ask "What has happened"? Lack of control, waste, bad administration, unjustified accumulations, impunity-ALL OF IT. We must formalize our commitments with truth and honesty, we have to present a common front born of unity, responsibility, solidarity and dignity, we must confront the situation. Trust in ourselves, stop being resigned, lift our heads, co-ordinate the path ahead, demonstrate the power of the citizens and we will go forward to a new, fairer social model, shared we can get to where we want to be, united and always on the road we set.



Plan 2013 - 2020                                  2013-2015-2020

Hidden economy and fraud: 7,000 x 6          42,000 Million Euros
Increase in economic growth 10,000 x 8       80,000 Million Euros
Nat. Insurance Contributions:13,500 x 8      108,000 Million Euros
Saving on unemployment benefit                   75,600 Million Euros
Resulting debt reduction 30m000 x 6           180,000 million Euros
Investment in the Plan 30,000 x 6                 180,000 million Euros

TOTAL                                                      665,600 Million Euros

Result per annum                                          83,200 Million Euros              



Málaga 8th September 2012


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